>>> man about

hi! my name is anushka. i am fascinated by the evolution of engineering, and i spend most of my time studying software and hardware systems, machine learning, and human-computer interaction. i strive to drive innovation with every team i interact with and hope to work in entrepeneurship in the future. i like coffee, sustainability, extended metaphors, and painting.

>>> history

currently i'm a student at Carnegie Mellon studying electrical and computer engineering. i'm interning at Intel this summer under the Client Computing Group. i'm also a teaching assistant for introduction to computer systems. i also spend my time as director of ScottyLabs and help organize TartanHacks.

previously i was an intern at Bank of America in summer 2020 and have participated in programs like Rewriting the Code fellowship, BUILT BY GIRLS ambassadorship, Cisco High externship, and Facebook ABCS. i've done research on artificial intelligence infrastructure in child welfare systems in the Social Computing Lab at the Human Computer Interaction Institute.

in the fall i will be a teaching assistant for web development applications and will continue being a teaching assistant for rapid prototyping technologies and intermediate rapid prototyping.

>>> cat highlights

Stonks Go Up

a personalized finance news feed with a database of stocks. using Django, SQLite, and AWS.


Mood Lights

emotion detection via CNN using raspberry pi and LED lights. using Python.


PGH Keep Tabs

a database of all the small businesses in Pittsburgh. using React, Node.js, and MongoDB.